Sonant Systems' cutting-edge Hosted PBX and VOIP solutions!

Business owners are faced with many logistical challenges in a competitive market environment and have no choice but to depend on their data connection and network for a global reach. Inexpensive calling and feature rich PBX are no longer the exclusive domain of big business. With Sonant's hosted PBX and VoIP services, even small and medium sized businesses can communicate using the latest technology, connecting employees and customers inexpensively across multiple locations with customers and business partners across the world.

Key PBX Features
Better call control, lower phone bills, value for money

Sonant Systems' hosted PBX and VoIP services can save up to 80% in telecommunication costs by leveraging your existing high speed Internet connection to work with over 70 sophisticated PBX features and different calling plans to suit every budget. 

Designed by industry experts

The most important thing is to choose a provider who is trust-worthy, yet offers the latest features and technology to make a communication solution easy to use. Sonant's hosted PBX and VoIP solutions come from a team of experienced industry and product experts who design powerful solutions specifically tailored for businesses. The advanced features offered by Sonant's hosted PBX and VoIP solutions are a feature-rich and cost-effective option for growing businesses. It is like having a super-efficient virtual secretary around the clock.

Easy to use. Affordable. Reliable

Sonant Systems' solutions benefits are:

  • economic pricing
  • unmatched savings in cost through lower phone bills and superior communication
  • feature-rich
  • easy to use, manage and control
  • reliable
  • prompt and comprehensive customer service and support
  • better productivity

We offer our products and services directly as well as through our comprehensive Partner Program. We specialize in world-class innovative communication solutions. We also offer and support a large variety of entry-level, general purpose and conference handset models.


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